Project Management

MBW Consulting Ltd was formed in 1999 when Mutenga Batumbya Consulting Engineers of Uganda and Wardrop Engineering Inc. of Canada agreed that comprehensive consulting services could be provided more effectively to the Ugandan market by joining the resources of the two companies.

The rationale behind the formation of MBW was to provide a more holistic service to Clients in Uganda at the same time developing a cadre of Ugandan professionals who are not only specialists in their fields but also who have internalized Uganda’s national goal of poverty eradication through commitment to economic liberalization, political broad base, and government decentralization, and thus better able to meet the challenging and diverse requirements of these Clients.

Company Quality Philosophy

MBW’s operations are based on quality management principles through which the company seeks to satisfy its clients with quality services, always endeavouring to identify and eliminate the risks that hinder the successful execution of a given assignment so that the end product meets and exceeds the clients’ expectations. All our staff are working in a quality management environment in which team spirit to achieve quality outputs is a cornerstone of our corporate culture.