Capacity Building and Institutional Development

We have completed numerous Capacity Building and Institutional Development projects for the Government of Uganda. The LGDP demonstrates our ability to manage projects with substantial capacity building, organizational development, supervision of micro projects, and skills transfer dimensions.

MBW together with our international partner Wardrop, has been implementing the Local Government Development Programme which commenced in October 1996, and since then has undergone considerable changes in scope and emphasis largely due to policy changes taking place within Uganda. These changes have included the enactment of the Local Governments Act, 1997, and the recent Government reform and restructuring, as well as refinement of the Governments’ and World Banks’ position regarding the decentralization policy and devolution of the development budget.

The overall goal of the program is to assist Government to establish procedures and arrangements for decentralization of the development budget. This involves developing and demonstrating an inclusive, participatory, demand, and performance driven process for planning, implementing and managing improvements to basic local services in five sectors (water supply, sanitation, roads, drainage and solid waste management).

A decision making framework has been established linking committees at the community, division council, and municipal council levels and then to central government. A funds flow mechanism has been put in place and procurement procedures established. Micro-projects have been initiated as a means of demonstrating commitment and testing these procedures. Capacity building has been executed through developing and delivering training modules to civil servants and community leaders.