Project Title

Design and Construction Supervision of Buffer Yard and Bugoma Jetties & Shoreline Protection

Project Description

Design and construction supervision of; Repair/maintenance works for the existing jetties and protection of the shoreline areas in the vicinity of the jetties from further erosion to ensure structural integrity. As well as a new buffer yard that serves as a parking yard for trucks, to manage quality and safety processes related to site deliveries, act as a buffer to avoid over flows of trucks at site and help to prioritize offloading schedules.

Services Rendered

Existing condition assessment for existing jetties and the shoreline, various field surveys including soils & materials investigation & topographic survey, detailed designs including  drawings, specifications, cost estimates, preparation of contract documents, technical support during procurement of works and construction supervision of the works.


  • Project Sum: US $  111,321.84
  • Client: China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)
  • Status: 2018 – Completed
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