15 Feb 2019

The project consisted of geotechnical investigations; specifications for demolitions and civil works to prepare a construction works area; structural design and supervision, including testing of samples and works.

11 Feb 2019

Research shows that salespeople will never reach their performance potential without a well-defined sales-call procedure that they can follow and learn from. “Winging it” on sales calls has grim consequences – lost sales, extended sell cycles, margin erosion and no clear path to improvement. Bottom line: Your entire sales career can be mediocre if you “wing ...

10 Feb 2019

Periodic Road Maintenance Contract for Kampala-Jinja Road (72 km) and the Rehabilitation of Njeru-Nyenga Road (9.8 km) comprised the repairs to the potholes and shoulders in accordance with specifications. Several new cross culverts were constructed and the side drains were lined. Some sections on the climbing lanes had deteriorated very badly and were posin...
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